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Mentions of some NSFW things ahead


namio or Bagel20+ | nonbinary aro ace | they/themFandom minors can interact no problem! Just know that I will not ship and interact with you the same way I do with other adults. PLEASE do not interact with NSFW replies/content if you are a minor!I don't RT or post NSFW that is not privatter-gated.Curate your own experiences; feel free to mute/block me if needed.Me getting heavy on main is part of the experience, and is not a glitch.I have anxiety and problems with follow up; feel free to DM but if you do so, please immediately explain what it is for!I am an appreciator of geges and good big bros
edits the English translation for Criminal Psychology (former), Superstar Aspirations (former), Dinghai Fusheng Records, Tianbao Fuyao Lu, Yingnu, Astrolabe and Nothing to Lose (current)on-demand editor for anything Feitian Yexiangcontributor/admin of Feitian Yexiang wikia
fic writer, fan artist, rabid meme producer and shitposter


Currently on a Feitian Yexiang appreciation binge, as well as attempting to read more of my English collections.

Not taking recommendations unless it has a gege MC/ML ! Gege criteria:
Must be trying his best to be goodKind or at least trying to be kind to younger characters/children especiallyEverything else is fair game.
Deeply disinterested in asshole MC/ML stories about gaining power.

Tentative reading list, in no particular order:
Tianbao Fuyao LuTiandi BaijuStar KnightThe Ocean at the End of the LaneThe End of History and the Last ManPaper Menagerie


FUB free. If any of these upsets or triggers you, please take your own actions.

I often discuss mental health and sometimes express suicidal thoughts (unlikely to be followed through, don't worry.)I may, as those young'ns say, "go horny on main", but only in replies to other adults. I tend to limit it to risque at best, but my humor is pretty dirty.I read quite a number of filth. You may judge me in the privacy of your own mind or mute/block, but my morality is sadly not informed by the fanfics in my bookmarks. ¯\_( ツ )_/¯
Vague mentions of stuff you may see from me:
monsterfucking/dragonfucking/(strictly fictional) bestiality